From the Crayj military knives collection :
MAD DOG  model A.T.A.K.
This knife's history to date is that four handmade prototypes were produced and submitted to the NSWG SEAL trials.
After winning the trials, the A.T.A.K. was officially adopted by the SEAL teams.
Then a group of 100 preproduction (PP) knives were produced and serial numbered on both the blades and scabbards (PP-01 through PP-100).
These hundred knives were distributed throughout the military community and were offered for special sale to selected military and civilian knife aficionados.
These preproduction A.T.A.K. knives were quite expensive, but sold out almost immediately, quickly becoming unique collector's items both from a histori­cal and a military standpoint.
Each preproduction S.E.A.L. A.T.A.K. knife was numbered and marked on the right side of the blade.
The markings on each knife were hand engraved in a freehand style:

H. M. Brett Waffen Digest 1994

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