From the Crayj military knives collection :
MAD DOG  model D.S.U.  007

With the SEAL Teams taking delivery of the ATAK, the word of their strength and durability quickly spread to other parts of the U.S. military,
as well as to the many U.S. federal law enforcement agencies.
This resulted in the U.S. Navy's elite Diving Systems Detachment (part of the Navy's Deep Submergence Unit)
asking M.D.K. to provide them with a special D.S.U knife based on the SEAL ATAK.
The new D.S.U. knife is similar to the SEAL ATAK, but with a number of very distinct changes.
First the D.S.U. diver's wanted a bright, light reflective blade so that it could be easily seen in the murky depths at which they work.
Secondly they wanted as stiff a blade as possible,
so they asked M.D.K. to remove both the ATAK's false edge as well as its ''flex" file work on the top of the blade. D.S.U. knives are marked :


H.M. Brett Waffen Digest 95

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